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Information about tournaments that are not a part of our regular series', including open tournaments, memorial tournaments, turkey shoots and more!

2015 Tournament Schedule
    1.  December 12, 2015 -  Lake El Capitan   Charity Tournament to Benefit East County Crisis House

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Entry Fee:

  1.  Tournament Entry Fee: $100.00 Plus a Gift Donation
  2. $50.00 Will go toward Prize Money
  3. $50.00 Will goes Directly to the Crisis House
  4. If you Forget Your Gift, a Donation Charge will be Assessed.

Lake Permits:

  1. Not Included in Entry Fee. 
  2. All Teams will be required to pay their Own Permit & Launch Fees

Tournament Format:

  1. Team Tournament: The maximum & minimum allowed per team is (2) people per boat. 
  2. Participation is limited to the first (80) Boats.
  3. The minimum age of the Boater Owner has to be 18 years or older.
  4. A child of 8 years & older can fish with a parent or legal guardian.  
  5. Those under the age of 18 must have written consent and a release of liability from parent or legal guardian.
  6. See all Rule & Regulation on the Rules Link:

Size Limit/Bag Limit:

  1. Only Largemouth Bass are permitted
  2. Bass must be a minimum of 13 inches in length mouth open on a flat board.
  3. The tournament limit will be three (5) Three Bass Per Team. 

BBQ & Awards:

  1. Coffee & Donuts at Signups
  2. Catered BBQ at Awards

Tournament Hours:

  1. Signups will Begin at 5:00AM at the Top Cabana
  2. Tournament Safety Meeting Will Begin at 5:45AM at the Top Cabana
  3. Launching will will Start After Saftey Meeting 
  4. Blast Off at 6:30AM
  5. Weigh-in will begin at 1:00PM

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