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Home of your locally sponsored Bass Fishing Team Tournament Event in the San Diego area courtesy of El Cajon Ford Dealership.


  1.  June 20th - El Capitan

  3.  August 22nd - El Capitan

  2.  July 25th - Lake Otay

  4.  September 19th - San Vicente


  1.  October 24th (Saturday) - San Vicente

  2.  October 25th (Sunday) - El Capitan


  1.  June 27th - Lake Otay

  4.  September 26th - San Vicente

  2.  July 11th - El Capitan

  5.  October 3rd - EL Capitan

  3.  August 1st - Lake Otay

    TOURNAMENT OF CHAMPIONS:    October 17th -  San Vicente  


  1.  September 12th -  El Capitan San Vicente

  2.  September 13th -  El Capitan San Vicente


  1.  TBD                

  2.  TBD       


San Diego Team Tournament Procedures 

(Interim Covid-19 Changes)

  1. All teams are requested to pre-register either by email or fax and prepay by cash or check before coming to the lake. PLEASE MAKE EVERY EFFORT TO PREPAY BEFORE THE TOURNAMENT! Registration Forms will be available for Download on the SD Teams website or at local tackle stores. The first tournament is at El Capitan Reservoir. This is a change from the website form. Please see attached revised schedule. Forms MUST be returned No Later Than Friday 19 June.

  2. All vehicles will line up in single file with only two occupants per vehicle keeping 6 feet between vehicles for boat number assignment, boat safety inspection and live well check. Please have your entry form completely filled out and signed (masks required). Also, any teams not paid up at this time must post entire entry fee to proceed.

  3. All vehicles shall park as laid out by the city Lakes Staff. Please maintain social distancing while loading the boat and prepping for launch. The team will proceed to the ramp and launch the boat maintaining six feet between other Vehicles and trailers. Flight numbers will be assigned prior to launch.

  4. Maintain social distance while picking up partner at the courtesy dock. There will be a max of 10 boats in any flight, and flights staged 15 minutes apart.

  5. Weigh-in will be conducted in drive by fashion. After removing their boat from the water the team will form a line staging to the weigh in area. Moving to the weigh in area no person need leave their boat or vehicle. When directed, the person in the boat will hand their bag of fish to the staff person on the ground with the big fish designated by a culling strap, and it will be weighed and recorded by SD Teams Staff. The bag of fish will then be returned with a weigh slip. The team will then proceed to the water’s edge and give the bag of fish to Larry Botroff. Then proceed to exit the lake premises. Larry will return the fish to the lake. There will be no announcing of the weights, no award ceremony nor a Barbecue or other gathering allowed on lake property. The results will be posted on our web site and email list as soon as possible. Team Trophies and prize money will be awarded by mail the following week.

  6. My Staff will consist of 4 people plus Me. We shall wear Face covers during the event. The person touching the bags of fish from the contestants will be wearing gloves and face covering. My staff will always maintain appropriate social distancing.

  7. We appreciate your understanding and compliance with CDC and State, and City health guidelines. SD Teams plans on returning to regular rules as soon as City, State and Federal guidelines allow.



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3324 Cottonwood Springs Lane
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