El Cajon Ford Day Series Rules


 It is the responsibility of each entrant to Read and Know the Rules.

  Participation & Eligibility:

Participation is limited to the first (80) Boats. There are no restrictions as to race, gender, creed, or color.  The minimum age of the Boater has to be 18 years or older.  The minimum age of 16 will be allowed as the non-boater. A child of 8 years & older can fish with a parent or legal guardian.  Those under the age of 18 must have written consent and a release of liability from parent or legal guardian. The maximum and minimum allowed per team is (2) two people per boat.  


Each vessel entered into this tournament must be equipped with a working ignition kill switch. While the big motor is running the kill switch must be attached to the operator of the vessel. All constants must wear and have fastened a Coast Guard approved (type 111 PFD) life jacket while the big motor is running. Safe boating conduct and all safety precautions must be observed at all times.

  Vessels and Motor:

The tournament official reserves the right to ban any vessel from participating if the vessel is considered unsafe or the operator unqualified. All vessels must be a minimum of 16 feet and meet all coast guard safety requirements including Coast Guard approved running lights. All lighting shall be installed and working at boat inspection and can be removed at safe light. An approved throw cushion in addition to approved life jackets and fire extinguisher must be in the vessel. Vessel equipped with a motor shall not exceed the factory BIA Rating. 

  Speed Restrictions:

The Maximum speed limit during the entire tournament shall not exceed the City Lake speed limit.  If you are cited for speeding during the tournament your team will be subject to disqualification by the tournament authority. All 5MPH areas are posted at all lakes.  It is boater responsibility to know the speed limits and traffic flow at all times while fishing in these events.

  Fishing License:

Each contestant must observe all fish and game laws and have in his or her possession a valid state fishing license.  A contestant cited by officers for violation of State or Federal fishing regulations will be disqualified for that tournament.


Any contestant under the influence of, or in possession of alcohol, barbiturates, marijuana, or any other controlled substance in his/her boat will result in the immediate disqualification and will be banned from fishing any future San Diego Team Series Events.

  Insurance & Liability:

It is the sole responsibility of the boat owner to carry and have proof of adequate liability insurance covering them and a passengers. Contestants are required to have in their possession and provide proof of insurance on demand by the tournament director. By signing the entry form, you are declaring that you have read and agree to the General Rules, Release & Risk Agreement.  All contestants absolving the tournaments sponsor, co-sponsor, staff, tournament director, the City of San Diego and their employees from any responsibility for any damage or personal injury sustained as a result of their participation in the tournament or related activities. 


Any contestant who displays poor sportsmanship and/or violates any rules of this tournament including any rule of the state or local agency will be disqualified and removed from the lake. Disqualifications include forfeiture of all entry fees and prize money.

  Special Rules:

The tournament officials may announce special rules when necessary. The special rules will have the same effect as the written rules. Interpretation of all rules will be left exclusively to the tournament officials whose decision will be final. 

  Equipment/Tackle/Technique Restrictions:

Each vessel must be equipped with a functional aerated live well system which provides proper aeration to maintain fish in good condition. Only artificial lures may be used. No live bait, cut bait, or prepared baits other then pork rin or biodegradable soft bait may be used. Fish attractants or scent may be utilized. The number of hooks per lure and the rule per rig will be restricted by state regulation. All fishing must be accomplished with one rod and reel combination used at one time.  All Bass must be caught live in a conventional & sportsman like manner.  A contestant may have unlimited number of rods rigged and ready. The intentional snagging of a fish is prohibited. All bass caught while sight-fishing must be hooked inside the mouth. The act of trolling the lures by maneuvering the boat with either motor is prohibited. Landing nets are permitted. The use of underwater cameras is not permitted.


Once a team has reached the tournament limit of (5) Five bass, culling (replacing a live caught bass with a larger caught bass) is permitted, but must be done immediately. At no time during the tournament hours may contestants continue to fish while possessing more than five bass. Culling of dead fish is prohibited and may result in disqualification. No measuring, culling, or releasing of bass inside the marina area.

  Size Limit/Bag Limit:

Only Largemouth Bass are permitted and must be a minimum of 13 inches in length measured laying flat with the mouth open on a flat board. The tournament limit will be (5) five bass per team.


A 25 yard rule is in effect at all times during the tournament.  No contestants boat shall move within 25 yards of another contestant for the purpose of fishing.  Protecting an area for another contestant is not pertmitted.  When anchoring the trolling motor must be in the stored position.  

  Marina & Launch Ramp:

All Lake Marina's docks are off limits.  Anglers must not cast with in 50 feet of the dock or launch ramps during tournament hours.

  Dead Fish & Short Fish Penalty:

Contestants shall make every effort to keep all bass alive.  A penatly of .20 (20/100) of one pound is subtracted as a penalty for each dead bass as determined by the weight master.  The weigh master will make all judgements on the bass mortality.  Culling of dead fish is prohibitted and may result in disqualification.  It is the goal of San Diego Team Series to release all bass caught alive and healthy.  All short bass will have a (1) one pound penalty plus the loss of the fish. 


Once the bass are presented to the weigh master they immediately become the official catch of the contestant and become the possession of the weigh master to measure and record as such. When presenting the bass to be weighed the contestant cannot touch the bass while the weigh master is taking the measurement. The total weight of the bass presented will be the team’s total catch for the tournament. All big bass will be the responsibility of the contestant to mark prior to bringing their fish to the scales. It is the anglers responsibility to ask to weigh master to weigh their big bass at every event.  


There is no excuse for being late to the weigh-in. Any team returning to the check-in point after their official time will be disqualified.


If two teams have the same weight at the end of the tournament, the big fish will break the tie. Big fish must be marked prior to handing it to the weigh master. It is the anglers responsibility to ask to weigh master to weigh their big bass at every event.  If neither team weighs a big bass during the event the point and prize money will be split equally between the teams.

  Breakdown / Emergencies:

Anglers are not permitted to leave their vessels or touch another contestant’s vessel with the exception of an emergency or major equipment failure. In the case of a breakdown, on the water assistance in the form of a tow or a ride to the weigh-in area is permitted. When accepting assistance, all contestants must stop fishing and return to the marina area with their catch. The tow vessel contestants may return to the tournament if time permits after their boat has been inspected before continuing to fish. The breakdown vessel may not continue to fish and must weigh-in their catch.

  Cellular Telephone:

Communication devices are allowed in a boat as an emergency tool only. Boat to boat communication is prohibited except for emergency purposes only. No texting, email or handheld communication between contestants in the same event.

  Lie Detector Testing:  

All contestants by virtue of entry into this event are subject to a test by lie detector apparatus if deemed necessary by the tournament director. The cost of testing may be assessed to the challenger. Failure to comply to taking or failure to pass a "lie detector test", either at the tournament site or at any time after the tournament is concluded may result in forfeiture of any or all prize money and awards. 

  Rules /Safety Meeting:

One member of the team is required to attend the tournament rules and safety meeting before each tournament. Failure to attend the safety meeting is grounds for penalties or disqualification by the tournament director.  It is the responsibility of all contestants to know the rules, start times and weigh-in times for each event.

  Change of Site:

Tournament sites may be changed by the tournament director if deemed necessary for any reason.


All protests must be submitted to the tournament director before the scales are closed. The person submitting the protest must be present and willing to identify the offenders in a face-to-face situation.  The Tournament Director will hear protests and the decisions of the Tournament Director will be final.

  Tournament Protection:

Any act or inflammatory statement by any contestant that is detrimental to the bass tournament, damaging to its staff, sponsors, or to permitting agencies (such as park rangers, fisheries biologists, or other officials), during the tournament or after the tournament, may result in the temporary or permanent suspension from all future events. San Diego Teams Series reserves the right to refuse any entry into its team tournaments at the discretion of the Tournament Director.

  Tournament of Champions (TOC):

Qualifying will be based on a points format. First place in each event will receive 100 points, 2nd place= 99 points, etc. Twenty participation points will be awarded to all entrants. San Diego Team Series has (8) eight qualifying tournaments for the TOC.  Teams must fish a minimum of (6) six tournaments and end up in the top 10 of the overall year to date standings to qualify for the TOC. The additional qualifiers must have fished all 6 of the 8 tournaments to qualify for the bonus spots.  These additional teams will be taken based on the highest point total for the (8) tournaments.  These spots will be determined by the following format below.  

   Tournament of Champions

     1. Qualifying Teams  = Top 10 Teams + Additional Qualifier

     2.  Top 10 Ten Teams:  NO ENTRY FEE

     3.  Additional Qualifiers:  Pay Normal Entry Fee of $280.00

     4.  If a Top 10 Team or a Bonus Team is unable to particapate in the TOC , the next available team based on the year end points standing

          will be taken until the spot is filled.

   Additional Qualifiers Example:

     1.  Additional Qualifiers:  Must fish (6) of the (8) Events to qualify

     2.  As an example, we will use 240 total teams entries for the entire season.  

     3.  240 entries divide by 8 tournaments will get the average number of team participation.  240 / 8 = (30) team average

     4.  For the additional qualifiers:  We will take 30 team X 30%  = 9 Teams

     5.  The additional (9) teams will be selected based on the highest Year End Point totals

     6.  These nine (9) teams plus the top ten (10) teams will fish the T.O.C 

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